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It all started in the dorm. I found League of Legends, got sucked into the game and lore with roommates, and slowly but surely lost all sense of time and the main priority: school. A tendril of Minecraft snuck into that life as well, offsetting League as I finally started to realize how badly I screwed my academic career up.

A year passes without a match in League, but the lore sticks around. Meanwhile, that thread of Minecraft starts to wane very slowly as I start getting involved with school organizations and clubs.

One day, in February 2018, after performing my best in school in quite a long time, I watch a friend play a game that has been out for almost a year. The scenery was mesmerizing. The story was captivating. From someone that has never played *any* RPG before on PC, I was floored. That day in February changed my life quite literally.

That game was NieR:Automata. It would be one year before I would actually play the game. Because my current computer was nowhere near capable enough to run it, I waited and waited, and tried not to spoil the story for myself. But during that time, I drew some interesting parallels - one that is the namesake of my Discord community and of this site. Just a month after NieR:Automata was released, a friend showed me the DLC version of 2B. At the time, I didn't know that was a DLC, that it was 2B I was looking at, and that she was from a game I had yet to discover for ten more months. I thought, "Ooh, she looks one heck of a lot like Riven, kite sword, short white hair, and all. That would be a cool looking Riven skin." Fast forward roughly a year. I finally see the DLC again, and I make the connection. The rest is history.

Not quite though.

In the old League lore (I really hate the direction of the new lore), Noxus is the faction that Riven belongs to. Noxus was described as a faction that was built on merit: if you could show others clearly that you were a capable leader of armies and/or the state, then you would rise to power. There was no playing politics - as Noxus was always at war with their adversaries (specifically Demacia and Ionia), their survival and growth depended on leaders that were true to the identity of the state.

The Roman Empire rung a bell with respect to where the inspiration came from. Not only that, but some aspects of how Noxus was described... were very American as I thought later on. Eventually, the hodgepodge of ideas, from League, Minecraft roleplays, and NieR:Automata, to my opinions of how America should ideally be, became my version of Noxus.

Let's jump back a couple years to the end of my addiction to League. Me and a few online friends started a roleplay in Minecraft called the UNRP. Effectively, this was our idea of a multiplayer version of Civ 5. We carved up the world and started in the 18th century. No one wanted Africa, so I took Africa and I called it Noxus out of convenience. Time passes, and we start getting super defensive over our claims and our values. It got to the point where we would get into arguments so intense that we would hate each other for weeks. Then, when we got to 2065, things turned for the worst. The hatred between Blodfjell (who had taken over nearly the entire world except Africa/Noxus) and Noxus had grown so deep that Noxians, usually very rational, did something very irrational. Vowing to destroy Blodfjell once and for all, they launch a multi-gigaton yield stealth fusion bomb at the most military-heavy region of Blodfjell. But Noxus had 23 more; and due to a personal reason, the prime minister did not commit to launching the rest and wiping out their capital, Bergen. Three years later, Blodfjell managed to hack the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) servers and AI controllers. They then proceeded to dump all of their nuclear arsenal onto Noxus in the next couple minutes.

The long-running roleplay as we knew it had come to an end. But the content and stories generated from it have not. While Blodfjell had to contend with the environmental hell they had created for decades (technology had advanced enough that cleanup of such a disaster would take decades and not centuries), the few thousand Noxians that survived were the basis for what was yet to come, especially with the NieR:Automata story.

Through this highly abbreviated version of the series of events in the last several years as of writing (that I have yet to finish - this is just a draft), my eventual point is that innovation is a concept that requires a melting pot of prior ideas and a diverse set of people, among many other things. Of course, we must give credit to those that came up with the ideas before us. It is like art - artists get their start through imitation of many other painters (or musicians because music is art). Once they have that foundation, they use what they learned to develop their own style.

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