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July 16, 2019 - #7
I am an advocate of digital physics. By extension this means I believe in simulation theory. This also means that I think there is no distict boundary between physics and philosophy.

Why though. Why can two seemingly completely different subjects one and the same?

And yet why does the majority of the world believe in a God?

Because if you put all of this together, you ask the question that will never be answered: What is the meaning of life?

Well, we will never know the answer to that. But don't we already? Isn't the answer to the question the question itself? Isn't the meaning of life our own question to answer; simply stated, aren't our individual actions the answer to our own interpretation of the meaning of life?

Perhaps a better way of stating this question is if we will know the collective meaning of life. Every plant, animal, bacterium, virus, protozoa, planet, solar system, galaxy, and structure of galaxies is all part of one big system. The system is alive. Everything is dynamic, in motion, interacting with one another, what have you. Gravity and the mystic dark energy binds us all together just as love binds us together with best friends and couples and families.

Then perhaps the meaning of life is to make those connections, to interact with one another as much as possible. Isn't that how our brains work? While we lose neurons over the course of our life, we make more and more connections between neurons so as to offset the loss of neurons and strengthen our memories and cognitive abilities. The human race as a whole gets to know more and more people over time, provided we do not do what communist governments and far-left institutions do - erase our past so that we cannot learn from it. As an aside, it makes me think that as a whole, humans are like an amnesiac: we erase our past because it is unpleasant to hear about. And then we proceed to repeat the past. We cannot forget about how terrible slavery was, we cannot forget about how Hitler killed millions of Jews, we cannot forget about how Stalin killed millions of his own and how Mao Zedong did the same killing millions of their own for the same reason - suppression of things they do not want to hear, and we cannot ignore the present either: Xi Jinping torturing and killing millions of Uyghur Muslims in "correctional facilities", Maduro forcing millions out of his country to feed his ego and to drive migrant crises across the Americas, the exploitation of the poor in America and especially Europe by increasing taxes at unsustainable rates, widening the gap between wealthy and wealthless, and so much more.

It is so interesting that I have diverged from digital physics to geopolitics. But that right there just shows how deeply connected everything is, how every concept revolves around each other. It is quite a fitting demonstration of the answer to the meaning of life.

We already have the answer to the meaning of life on the macro and micro scales. The macro scale is already fixed, the micro scale depends on the person: you write your own meaning for your own life. But what about out there? What about the universe as a whole? Perhaps the real question we should be asking:

Who are we doing this work for?


July 6, 2019: In the game, 9S does a lot of choirs for everyone. At first he despises it but later he becomes more open to it because he figures out more and more about his existence. Since he's a "high end android", he was designed (possibly unintentionally) to be able to put several ideas together to form conclusions about his existence. Yet he was irrational, because he also developed an intense affection for 2B and wasn't able to put two and two together after A2 mercy killed 2B (when a samurai is unable to seppuku because they are too injured, they have another do it for them). Androids, robots, whatever you want to call them, aren't supposed to have feelings and emotions. Yet it seems that Yoko Taro wants the player to think that it may be possible in the future.

Which leads me to think as 9S did... are we the product of some higher being? Just as mathematician John Conway developed the cellular automation known as the Game of Life in 1970, is humanity a cellular automata pattern that emerged via experimentation of some higher being? Are we so refined that it is not really apparent that humanity is just a machine?

But can you really say that? Everything occurs by chance - out of some outlandishly small odds, life came into existence in the hellish environment of early Earth when bacterium developed. Yet in each little bubble, with different mixtures of the building blocks for life, did life as we know it come into existence. That is quite frankly the definition of experimentation. Mankind and our descendants did the same thing: through trial and error, we slowly became the dominant species on this planet. We have fine-tuned the scientific process to the point that we are making extraordinary advances in science, engineering, arts, philosophy, you name it. So the randomness of the universe could then be classified as a scientific process, so to speak. If that is the case, then as we had just attempted to counter the argument, we are only furthering the argument that humanity is the product of a process, which is in effect a machine!

So what about cellular automata? Scientists Stanislaw Ulam and John von Neumann discovered this concept in the 40's. Konrad Zuse elaborated on this topic in his book Rechnender Raum, describing that the entire universe is a computer. Research has proceeded on this topic to the point that in 2016, physicist Gerald 't Hooft has proposed rewriting the entire body of knowledge in terms of cellular automata.

I remember the very late night I thought of this topic - that the universe is a simulation. I discussed it with my friends that night, and they were also in more or less of an agreeance. The reason I thought of this was precisely because of the title of NieR:Automata. The second half of the game had me thinking about the meaning of my own existence. Then one day I decided to look up the term automaton/automata, and that changed everything.

I think I see where you came from, Mr. Taro. Of course, I could be wrong, but this is just that - an interpretation.

(Just as a sidenote, my thinking is very nonlinear and very unstructured. This causes me to constantly think about possible contradictions and the like, which poisons my train of thought. In the mind of nines, I will try to keep everything very unstructured: I will start with a topic and see where that will lead me.)


July 5, 2019:
thought about writing something serious but I went through three drafts of such open ended thoughts that i just disposed of it.

July 4, 2019:
Happy 243rd birthday, America. The sharp division in this nation will heal - just give yourself some time and it will be fine.

July 4, 2019:
the best things come from doing what you like
learn to work as a team and to settle all your differences - it might come in handy especially in the most difficult of times
use every resource at your disposal, even if it looks useless

July 1, 2019:
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June 30, 2019:
had an interesting conversation with the director of manufacturing at my center and a coworker last night and we all work on some projects that have extreme requirements for science data returns - we all concluded that the root of all tension between scientists and engineers is how to compress more and more data losslessly in fewer clock cycles, since radhard processors are quite slow

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