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Timeline (WIP)

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It is the year 2090, and peace finally pervades Earth. The Kingdom of Blodfjell has conquered nearly the entire planet, Toukai holds onto their domain in the Pacific Ocean, and Noxus has been wiped off the face of the Earth, save for a small area in the vicinity of Cape Town. 22 years ago, on October 29, the Noxus Republic fired their first shot at Blodfjell in what would be the most disasterous war the Earth had ever seen. A MIRV with a 3,5 gigaton yield was launched at St. Petersburg, where much of Blodfjell's military force was located. It decimated a 2'000 km radius around the city, killing some 1,25 billion Blodfjellians. Most glass structures in Bergen, the capital of Blodfjell, were shattered. King Stalsverd II was dead set on exterminating the entire Noxus in return.

Two weeks later, Blodfjellian hackers were able to penetrate the central quantum computer of Noxus's automated air defense system, which had served the Republic without fail for nearly 120 years. Solely intent on wiping out the Noxians, the King ordered all proton-boron nuclear fusion weapons in their arsenal launched at all parts of Noxus. Within the span of 9 hours, 99.998% of Noxus's population was wiped out, or roughly 86 million citizens. With Noxus wiped out, the King was finally satisfied.

However, the massive release of energy upon Africa did not come without consequence. The detonations warmed the southern hemisphere by 20 C, and caused a tremendous wind to come towards the northern hemisphere. For several years, the entire Earth saw mass extinctions of sea life, torrential storms causing historical flooding, and a substantial melt of Antarctica and the North Pole, which caused sea level rise of several meters. With the Earth in mid self-destruction, Blodfjell and Toukai worked to reverse the instant climate change that occurred as fast as possible. Nearly all were employed to scrub all carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, which had a dramatic cooling effect. For years, the temporary scrubbers worked and worked to keep CO2 below 1 part per million to make all the heat escape Earth until Earth was 5 C cooler than before the war. In the meantime, the King had some sympathy for those that were left and realized he went too far in destroying Noxus, and in 2084, Noxus was allowed land back in what was left of Cape Town in the Treaty of Seoul. This was solely under the condition that Noxus was to be an administered territory of Blodfjell, and that they were to remain neutral.