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Timeline (WIP)

May 12: Testing of 500 MT nuclear weapon in the North Atlantic by Blodfjell Royal Armed Forces.
May 17: North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre confirmed no longer present due to system imbalance from nuclear detonation. Shutdown of this ocean process is extremely bad for the climate, results in extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters on NA-east coast, perpetual cold in Europe.
June 8: ML1 opens from Adjap Essatop/Ain Sefra (northernmost part of Africa/Noxus Republic) to Cape Town. Regional service is 5 hours 51 minutes, express service 4 hours 48 minutes. Constructed by Noxus Federal Railways with Toukainese subcontractor Nippon Sharyo for a cost of N13.4 trillion over 22 years, it is the most expensive, fastest, and longest entirely grade-separated rail line in the world. Between most stations, consists reach up to 2,800kph, or Mach 2.06.



October 3: The first shot. Noxus fires one Matanza M24-3600 centered on Saint Petersberg. The entire surroundings out to 800 km are completely flattened.

to be continued...